Come! Stay awhile by the fire!

Cinesaurus is an award-winning creative studio that makes digital content that people actually want to watch. The company was founded in 2010 to tell stories that explore new horizons, share bold ideas, and inspire the future.

Executive Producer

David Hudson


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Creative Director

Steven Hudson


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Post-production Supervisor

David Zimmermann

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Creative Producer

Gabe Conroy




Cool, so what do you do?

A Bit More About Us

Born in a digital landscape where evolving to fit changing audience tastes is key, Cinesaurus creates content that gets seen and shared online and off. Collectively, our videos have accumulated over 350 million views and millions of shares via Facebook and Twitter. From our experience in working under tight deadlines and adapting to the diversity of a wide range of clients, Cinesaurus is well-versed in delivering on time and at the highest quality.

Today, we’re focusing on original narrative content that excites people about the future of science, space, and education. And we’re currently looking to creatively integrate brands that share our mission.

If you dig deep into their past, you’ll find a scene-for-scene remake of Jurassic Park. Hence the name—Cinesaurus—which is an amalgamation of the word ‘cinema’ and ‘dinosaur.’


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