about cinesaurus

We are a Seattle-based creative team obsessed with telling stories through film, visual effects, and animation. Whether it be original content or working with clients nation-wide, we pour the full force of our brain juices into every project to ensure that eyeballs will see your project. Our videos have accumulated over 50 million views and we want to count you amongst our video success stories.

Cinesaurus was founded in 2010 by two brothers, Steven and David Hudson, who love film and dinosaurs, hence the name — Cinesaurus. If you dig deep into their past, you’d find a shot-for-shot remake of Jurassic Park.

David Hudson
Executive Producer

David co-founded Cinesaurus in 2010 with his brother, Steven, after producing online videos for over a decade. Laying the foundation for the next big pool the team will dive into is how he loves to spend his day, but it’s not unusual to find him neck deep in compositing awesome visual effects. When he meets a roadblock, he spends his time pacing the office while asking weird hypothetical scenarios to everyone else. He also wouldn’t mind being the next Justin Timberlake.
Steven Hudson
Creative Director

Before co-founding Cinesaurus in 2010, Steven and David spent their childhood getting their first taste of film and visual effects through making several terrible Jurassic Park remakes and sequels. Since then, Steven has developed a passion for spending more time in front of a computer than he’d care to admit, creating VFX composites, CGI animation, and motion graphics. When not in VFX-mode, he’s brainstorming with the team around a bowl of pistachios.
David Zimmermann
Post-production Supervisor

From a young age, David was determined to become either a doctor, an astronaut, or a magician. He became none of those, but instead developed an appreciation for the “magic” of the movies. He is often considered to be a magician in the editing room, however, so perhaps his childhood dream really did come true. David enjoys getting good exposure (in camera and online), and playing sports in an attempt to offset the languor of post-production.
Gabe Conroy
Visual Effects Supervisor

Gabe has had a passion for technology from an early age, and could often be found testing crazy ideas for walking robots or rovers that could learn. So naturally Gabe went on to earn a degree in creative writing and started making movies. These days, Gabe enjoys filming on epic mountain ranges and directing hip music videos. He has long been a CGI artist and loves tinkering with new technologies, such as motion capture and physics simulations.
Robert Bojorquez
Production Manager

Robert’s journey to the world of filmmaking started in a humble Spokane neighborhood, making short videos with friends between trips to the frozen yogurt shop and frolics through the fields. After his college years of founding film festivals and directing everything under the sun, he’s happy to keep himself busy by keeping Cinesaurus busy (and organized). He dreams of someday settling into a comfy pair of jeans atop the greatest front yard you’ve ever seen.