about cinesaurus

Cinesaurus is a Seattle-based creative production studio obsessed with telling stories through film, visual effects, and animation. Born in a digital landscape where evolving to fit changing audience tastes is key, Cinesaurus continuously delivers multi-platform content that gets seen and shared online and off. Collectively, their videos have accumulated over 200 million views and millions of shares via Facebook and Twitter.

From their experience in working under tight deadlines and adapting to the diversity of a wide range of clients, Cinesaurus is well-versed in delivering on time and at the highest quality. They have created branded video content for Google, Dell, Relativity Media, Discovery Channel, Sony Playstation, Dolby, Nestlé, and more. Their work has been reported on by The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, NPR, The Huffington Post, and every blog you’ve ever heard of.

Cinesaurus’ homebase in the Pacific Northwest gives them access to the front line of tech innovation in Seattle and the lush film community in Vancouver BC. With its green screen soundstage and production office, Cinesaurus’s facilities are equipped for high-end digital, television, and film production.

Bridging the gap between creative and production, Cinesaurus manages projects from story development through editorial to final delivery. Their arsenal of skills includes:

  • Creative concept and story development
  • Pre-visualization and storyboarding
  • Full-service film production
  • Non-linear editing
  • Visual effects, including compositing, matte painting, and rig removal
  • CGI animation, including 3D modeling, rigging, and simulations
  • Motion graphics, including 2D/3D animation and title design
  • Audio post, including sound design, sound mixing, music composition, and audio mastering
  • Color grading and final delivery
  • Digital strategy, including distribution and social marketing

Where most production houses draw the line at technical prowess, Cinesaurus dedicates its skills to creativity and storytelling above all.

Cinesaurus was founded in 2010 by two brothers, Steven and David Hudson, who love film and dinosaurs, hence the name — Cinesaurus. If you dig deep into their past, you’d find a scene-for-scene remake of Jurassic Park.

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