David Hudson
Principal, Business Director
David co-founded Cinesaurus in 2010 with his brother, Steven, after producing video content and practicing entrepreneurship for over a decade. Prior to this venture, the duo had operated two other video production companies to build up their technical chops. And to sharpen his skills in management and operations, David worked at the University of Washington’s Creative Communications where he helped facilitate lean process improvement for service and manufacturing departments. He also coordinated an array of successful political campaigns with the Democratic National Committee and local Northwest races. David hopes to combine all of his abilities into helping brands efficiently and effectively share their stories with the world. He also wouldn’t mind being the next Justin Timberlake.
Steven Hudson
Principal, Creative Director

Steven co-founded Cinesaurus in 2010 with his brother, David. Before this endeavor, he studied Film and User Experience Design, which led him to help rebrand the video/web identity of the University of Washington’s School of Business. He spent the following year designing interactions and usability studies that helped improve Microsoft Office 365 and the Xbox 360 dashboard. He then joined I-TECH, an AIDS-relief nonprofit, creating videos and interactive experiences distributed in over 20 countries. All the while, he spent every extra moment creating videos that have amassed millions of views and short films that have aired on the silver screen. As a technophile with an itch for the creative, Steven aims to mash the relevant parts of his brain into great videos and branded content.
David Zimmermann
Cinematographer, Editor

David was born and raised in Puyallup, Washington, with the ambition to become either a doctor, an astronaut, or a magician. He became none of those, but instead developed an appreciation for the “magic” of the movies. David earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema Studies from the University of Washington, and worked as an editor/videographer at the prestigious Clatter&Din for nearly three years before joining the team at Cinesaurus. Having worked on music videos, web series, corporate identity videos, as well as many successful YouTube hits, his work has enjoyed millions of views worldwide. Believe it or not, David is often considered to be a “magician” in the editing room… so, perhaps his childhood dream really did come true. In addition to his extensive list of accomplishments, David Zimmermann also possesses the longest biography on this page.