BOTUS: Buddies of the United States

Do you miss Barack Obama and Joe Biden? Then check out BOTUS! It’s an animated show following the adventures of the two greatest Buddies of United States — after the presidency.


Check out some of the select frames from our BOTUS storyboard below! From this stage, we created an animatic before jumping into animation.

Concept Art

BOTUS was conceived during a team breakfast at a diner with lots of mediocre coffee and hashbrowns. Below is the first “napkin sketch” of our two buddies!


<h3>CREDITS</h3> Written by David Hudson and Steven Hudson<br> Storyboard by Ebae Kim<br> Art Direction and Illustration by Ebae Kim<br> Environment Illustration by Liz Leo<br> Animation by Steven Hudson<br> Additional Animation by David Hudson<br> <br> <h3>CAST</h3> Barack Obama: Mychael Ittah<br> Joe Biden: T Michael Harris<br>