Job Hunters

Job Hunters

A Comedic Dystopian Web Series

Job Hunters is a Seattle-based web series set in the near future, where college graduates must literally fight (potentially to the death) for jobs. After battling in an arena from 9-to-5 each day, graduates spend the rest of their time in government-run Safe Houses. Our series follows a particular set of Job Hunters as they struggle with adjusting to life in the Safe Houses, dealing with roommate issues, as well as sorting through feelings of their own impending doom.

Three years of production and 18 episodes later, Cinesaurus produced two full seasons of Job Hunters. The dark comedy, incorporating futuristic sci-fi VFX, beautiful Pacific Northwest locations, and stellar editing, attracted a dedicated fan following of over 17,000 for the weekly videos. With the show’s Executive Producers, we premiered this ambitious series in Los Angeles and set the stage for more long-form narrative content in the hopefully-not-so-ominous near future.

Season One

Source: Job Hunters Season One

Season Two

Source: Job Hunters Season Two

<h3>Vital Stats</h3> 841,888 Views<br>   Winner of LA WebFest 2012 (Outstanding Ensemble Cast)<br>   Winner of LA WebFest 2012 (Outstanding Series Concept)<br>

<h3>Credits</h3> Co-Produced by Cinesaurus<br> Producers: Forest Gibson, Kristina Horner, Liz Leo, Tara Theoharis<br> Director: Alexander JL Theoharis<br> Production Manager: Danielle Sparks<br> Writers: Alexander JL Theoharis, Rob Whitehead<br> Director of Photography: David Zimmermann<br> Post-production by Cinesaurus<br> Editor: David Zimmermann<br> Assistant Editors: Riley O'Callaghan, Dennis Tran<br> Post-production Supervisor: David Zimmermann<br> Lead Visual Effects: Steven Hudson<br> CGI Technical Lead: Gabe Conroy<br> Compositors: Gabe Conroy, David Zimmermann<br> Additional VFX: Robert Bojorquez, David Hudson<br> Opening Title Sequence: Cinesaurus<br> Music: Jordan Brokaw<br> Sound Design: HearBy Sound<br>

<h3>Cast</h3> Avery: Kristina Horner<br> Devon: Forest Gibson<br> Max: Joe Homes<br> Paige: Meagan Karimi-Naser<br> Tiffany: Tara Theoharis