SpaceX Launch You Up

SpaceX Launch You Up

Parody of Uptown Funk

Launch and land and relaunch! With an impending landing attempt by SpaceX to recover and reuse their Falcon 9 rocket, we jumped to our feet to help celebrate this possible moment in history.

Our team worked around the clock to pull together this Elon Musk venture-themed parody of 2015’s biggest hit, “Uptown Funk,” just in time to release in conjunction with the rocket’s landing attempt. Our combo of dancing SpaceX engineers, clever songwriting riddled with puns, and a full team of VFX artists amped up fans across the space industry and earned us our very first Telly Award. While the rocket ultimately missed its final landing, we have it on good authority that “SpaceX Launch You Up” is the new SpaceX control room anthem on launch days.


  Winner of 2015 Telly Award (Online Video | Humor)
  Nominee of 2015 Geekie Award (Best Music Video)

<h3>Credits</h3> Produced by Cinesaurus<br> Director: Gabe Conroy<br> Creative Director: Steven Hudson<br> Director of Photography: David Zimmermann<br> Writers: Robert Bojorquez, Gabe Conroy, David Hudson, Steven Hudson, David Zimmernann<br> Production Manager: Robert Bojorquez<br> Audio Mixing: Art Johnson<br> Editor: David Zimmermann<br> Visual Effects: Gabe Conroy, David Hudson, Steven Hudson<br> Additional VFX: Robert Bojorquez, David Zimmermann<br> Costume Designer: Brigid Lohman

<h3>Cast</h3> Vocals: Art Johnson<br> Bruno Mars: Buddy Waddington<br> Dancers: Selena Annis, Brad Walker, Sarah Hudson, Mikey Dela Cruz<br> Gwynne Shotwell: Makenzie Greenblatt<br> Tom Mueller: Drew Barth<br> Elon Musk: David Hudson