YouTube Rewind 2011

YouTube Rewind 2011

Created for YouTube

Only 6 years after its inception, YouTube hit one trillion views. To celebrate this achievement, we partnered with Portal A at the end of 2011 to blend together the year’s most popular internet content into an energetic music and video mashup.

Heavy with cute cats, cute kids, and the most surprising music star of 2011, Rebecca Black, Rewind 2011 drove over 8 million views and reminds us of what our pop culture looked like just a few years back.

<h3>Vital Stats</h3>   9,394,491 Views

<h3>Credits</h3> Produced by Portal A<br> Post-Production by Cinesaurus<br> Director: Kai Hasson<br> Writer: Nate Houghteling<br> Editor: David Hudson, Steven Hudson<br> Visual Effects: Steven Hudson, David Hudson<br> Sound Designer: Steven Hudson