YouTube Rewind 2015

YouTube Rewind 2015

Created for YouTube

Another year, another YouTube Rewind. 2015 was our most ambitious yet, requiring that we delve deep in our VFX pockets and dig out motion capture, motion graphics and all that sweet sweet compositing.

We were tasked with crafting a visual language for the act of ‘rewinding’, physically moving back through moments in the video. Another key effect was a reference to the viral video “Love Has No Labels,” featuring an x-ray screen. To achieve the skeletons on the x-ray screens, we brought a performance artist into our studio and used motion capture to recreate the dance moves of various YouTube personalities.

YouTube Rewind 2015 brought over 127 million views home to roost.

<h3>Vital Stats</h3>   127,479,959 Views<br>   0 Shares

<h3>Credits</h3> Produced by <a target="_blank" href="">Portal A</a><br> Director: Kai Hasson<br> Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Zach Blume, Kai Hasson<br> Director of Photography: Alex Jacobs<br> Lead Editor: Arturo Morales<br> DJ/Music Producer: The Hood Internet<br> Featuring an Original Remix by Avicii<br> Visual Effects by Cinesaurus<br> MoCap Cleanup, Animation & Compositing: Kial Natale<br> MoCap Performance Artist: Adara Toop<br> Roto & Rig Removal: Ablaze VFX