Airtime: The Best Internet You’ve Ever Had

Best Internet You’ve Ever Had

Created for Airtime

What do you need when you’re a lonely billionaire? To revolutionize the way you meet people. One lonely billionaire did it with Airtime.

Airtime is a social media site centered around video chat. Working with the production team in a beachfront mansion in Los Angeles, we coordinated the visual effects for this over-the-top summetime ad. The crux of the video centered around showing off the Airtime app in action, which was our job to design, animate, and composite for every instance of the video. Without our visual effects work, you’d just be looking at green screens on each monitor. And that’s enough to make any billionaire lonely.


Produced by Portal A
Post-Production by Cinesaurus
Director: Kai Hasson
Writer: Nate Houghteling
Producers: Nate Houghteling, Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Director of Photography: Gustavo Peterson
Visual Effects: Steven Hudson, David Hudson, David Zimmermann