Cool Things to Find

Cool Things to Find

Mars Curiosity Rover

Lost socks? Twinkies? Facehuggers?! When NASA landed their Curiosity rover on Mars in 2012, the world’s attention was focused on what the new rover might find on the red planet.

To drive traffic to science press and news, we created a music video highlighting the mystery of possibilities for Curiosity’s potential discoveries. Playing off the popular “Dumb Ways to Die” PSA, our team flexed its animation skills and clever songwriting to hook viewers. Working with NASA’s social media teams to drum up news, we had one goal: keep people curious for the ongoing mission.

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Produced by Cinesaurus
Lyrics: Forest Gibson, Steven Hudson, David Hudson, Rob Whitehead
Character Designs: Sarah Hiraki
Animation: David Hudson, Steven Hudson
Music Mixing: David Zimmermann
Executive Producer: Forest Gibson
Lead Vocals: Cara Peacock
Backup Vocals: David Hudson, Steven Hudson, David Zimmermann
Based on “Dumb Ways to Die”
Instrumental Track: Tangerine Kitty