Data and Analytics Matter

Data and Analytics Matter

Created for Deloitte Analytics & Information Management

The right data can change everything. Deloitte helps clients design, build and run insight driven organizations by maximizing the value of data. As every company becomes a technology company, Deloitte approached us to create a video series to describe their Analytics & Information Management to new clients. Spanning eight core offerings, we scripted and produced this nine video series, comprising over 30 minutes of content.

To learn more about their Analytics and Information Management (AIM) services, visit Deloitte’s web site or watch the rest of our videos below!

Shape Strategy

Deloitte’s Shape Strategy offering is a pathway to transformation, giving you a compelling view of the future of analytics for your organization.

Manage Data

Deloitte’s Manage Data offering is focused on helping clients truly create, manage, and govern data internally and externally, so they can make smart decisions about selling products and driving profit.

Deliver Information

Deloitte’s Deliver Information offering enables clients to get the most value from their information assets by managing the complete data supply chain while maintaining the governance, control, and security required for their most business-critical information assets.

Improve Performance

Deloitte’s Improve Performance offering provides a holistic approach to enterprise performance management by helping organizations strategize, plan, monitor, measure, realign, and improve their ability to generate insights that impact performance.

Optimize Insights

Deloitte’s Optimize Insights offering can help move your business in the right direction by leveraging business intelligence and analytics to discover actionable insights that help you make smarter, more effective decisions.


Amplify Intelligence

Deloitte’s Amplify Intelligence offering leverages our Insight Advantage framework to deliver insights at an industrial scale designed to drive mass hyper-personalization, automation of knowledge-based processes, and growth through innovation and differentiation.


Build Capabilities

Deloitte’s Build Capabilities offering helps empower our clients to realize strategic goals through rapid, consistent, and high quality delivery of analytics and information delivery services by building talent and increasing capacity.

Manage Environments

Deloitte’s Manage Environments offering provides a collection of as-a-service offerings that enable clients to rapidly develop information driven solutions that support and improve business operations and inform decision-making.


Produced by Cinesaurus
Director: David Hudson
Writer: Daniel Brockley, David Hudson
Director of Photography: David Zimmermann
Production Manager: Liz Leo, Daniel Sparks
Gaffer: Casey Schmidt
Location Sound: Tara Muñoz, Matt McComb
Art Director: Ebae Kim
Design: Eric Trieu, Ebae Kim, Steven Hudson, David Hudson
Motion Graphics: Steven Hudson, David Hudson, Liz Leo, Ebae Kim, Gabe Conroy
Editor: Gabe Conroy, David Zimmermann, David Hudson, Steven Hudson
Sound Design: Hexany Audio


Hosts: Lowell Deo, Heather Dudenbostel