TYR Avictor: Omaha Nights

Omaha Nights

Created for TYR Sport

In the heart of summer 2015, TYR Sport called on us once again to create a couple short pieces teasing the all-new, limited-edition Omaha Nights print of their celebrated Avictor collection.

We flew down to scorching—108ºF, to be exact—Phoenix, AZ to shoot with world class athletes sporting TYR’s fastest, most innovative technical swimsuit. TYR wanted to emphasize the “galaxy” influence of their new suit, so we created a starscape of our own in post to get people excited for the new suit, which was released at the beginning of 2016.

Omaha Nights: Commercial Spot #2


Produced by Cinesaurus
Art Director: Sunny Oellantoni
Executive Producer: David Hudson
Director of Photography: David Zimmermann
Editor: David Zimmermann
Motion Graphics: David Zimmermann, David Hudson
Sound Design: David Zimmermann

Behind-the-Scenes Photo

DP David Zimmermann capturing sunrise over the pool in Phoenix, AZ.